Zwilling Sous Vide Set 8 Piece

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8 piece.


You can now get perfect cooking results even easier than ever: with the Zwilling Fresh & Save sous vide starter set you are ready to conquer the world of vacuum cooking.

The set includes: a powerful and space-saving sous vide stick, 6 heat-resistant vacuum bags and a battery-operated and particularly handy vacuum pump. With sous vide cooking, vacuum-packed meat, fish, but also vegetables or fruit is cooked in a water bath at ideal and as low a temperature as possible. The result: always the perfect cooking point and an even cooking result from the edge to the core.

It’s that easy with the sous-vide cooker set. Fix the sous-vide stick in a pot of water and easily set the ideal cooking temperature and time using the intuitive LED touch display. While the stick is bringing the water to the target temperature, fill the reusable bags with your food and simply close them with the zip fastener.

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