Hygiplas Aluminium Non-Stick Teflon Colour Coded Frying Pan Set 20cm Purple Handle 20cm (Pack of 4)

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Strong and durable, the 200mm Hygiplas Platinum Plus Teflon non-stick frying pans are a great choice for the professional kitchen. Designed for everyday commercial use, the pans feature a colour-coded handle, so you’ll always know which pan to use to prevent any cross-contamination. The solid handles also include a hanging hook, so they are easy to store away and access whenever needed.

This value set includes four colour-coded pans – one each of blue, purple, green and red. Typically, blue is for fish, green is for vegetarian or vegan dishes, red is for meats and purple is for allergen-free cooking.

The Hygiplas pans shine when it comes to cooking performance. Thanks to the premium non-stick coating, it’s easy to get the results you’re looking for, all whilst using less oil or fat than with traditional pans. And once you’re done, each pan is easy to hand wash, ready for the next use.


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