JM Posner Classic Popcorn Machine Top Section

£600.00 Ex. VAT

Hot popcorn is an essential part of the entertainment experience. The average patron will have the sense that something’s missing they don’t smell freshly made popcorn when they approach the concession stand, or see the warming lamp showing off a popped kernels in their glass display. Even if the establishment is of a very small scale, it’s incomplete without popcorn. That’s why we offer this simple, 8oz version of the classic theatre popcorn maker. If you own a boutique theatre or other entertainment venue, you can be sure to always have the quintessential concession available for your patrons, without taking up too much space or overextending your inventory. JM Posner’s 8oz theatre popcorn makers are also perfect for various establishments and organisations to set up temporary small scale concessions. Make sure you’re ready with a popcorn maker that’s ideally suited to the occasion.